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Lierne Kniver

Lierne "bushcrafter" HT

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Handle material
Name or initials on leather sheath
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For name or initials on the leather sheath please send us email on: contact@liernekniver-norway.com

A typical "allround" bush crafter for rough jobs like batoning or every kind of work on your trips out in the woods or mountains. 

Blade length: 120 - 125 mm 

Handle length: 110 - 115 mm 

Steel: 1.2842 high carbon / 4mm thickness 

Handle material: available in stacked leather, reindeer antler or exotic wood. 

- stacked leather: made of 3mm, high quality cow leather liners. A stacked leather handle give you always a good grip in your hands - also with wet or bloody hands. 

- exotic wood: we import our exotic wood from all over the world. For exotic dark wood we mostly use cocobolo or other similar. For exotic light wood we use in general bocote wood. 

- reindeer antler: our reindeer antlers are from Norwegian Sami people. In general from Snåsa. So, every part of the knife are materials inside the country. We grind the handle up to 400 and finally polish it with a compound. The structure of the antler can be always different, from clean white to white with a grey structure - that's nature! 

The knife comes with a high quality, handmade leather sheath.