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Lierne Kniver stands for real craftsmanship, attention to detail and the highest quality.

Knife collection 2022
  • Our craft

    Our knives are made entirely by hand in a small workshop in Lierne, Norway. We always start with the Design of the blade and decide on the right steel depending for the later use of the knife.

    We are working with 5 different kind of carbon steels and can always offer the right steel for your knife.

    After forging, grinding and heat treatment the blade we always give a lot of attention on a nice handle. Our knives are known for ergonomic and beautiful handles .

    We are proud to can say: ,,yes, every single working step is made by hand in Lierne".

  • The right knife for every application.

    Our Workshop is known for unique designs and we never stop to design new blades.

    We are specialized in the use of carbon steel because we are convinced that there is no better steel when it comes to sharpness and edge retention.

    We use 1.2235 and 1.2842 steel for our robust hunting and outdoor knives. For extremely sharp knives with a very thin and fine edge, we use 1.1274, 1.2419 and 1.2519 steel.

    - Hunting knives

    - outdoor- and survival knives

    - collector knives

    - fishing knives

    - kitchen knives

    - EDC, tactical knives

  • One-off-production of unique knives

    For special requests we can design and made a "one-off-unique-production". We design a blade up to our customers request and work step by step in consultation with our customer. For single productions we can offer almost everything depends if the materials available on the international market. One-off productions are nothing for small money!

  • Stacked leather handle

    Stacked leather handles have a long tradition in knife making. Every layer is pressed and glued with 2-part epoxy for minimum 12 hours. On the end of the handle we secure everything with a stainless steel screw.

  • About leather sheath

    We make probably the best sheath on the Norwegian market. Every sheath is complete handmade of 3mm, high quality cow leather.

    For the seam we use a sewing machine imported from the USA - no electric - we like the old school traditional way!

    Our leather sheaths are made individually for each knife - so we guarantee a 100% accuracy of fit.

  • Handle material

    Stacked leather, exotic wood, deer or reindeer horn - we almost work with everything what is compliant with the traditional way of knife making.

    We import types of wood that probably no other knife maker in Norway can get.

  • About Steel

    We know the international steel market very well. With this know-how and our international contacts we have access to types of steel that others don't have. 1.2419 and 1.2519 as an example.

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